Through the project Defensa y Yo 2.0, esglobal, the main digital publication on global affairs in Spanish, in collaboration with the Embassy of the United States in Spain, seeks to reinforce the knowledge and understanding of NATO and the culture of security and defense in general. This project constitutes a continuation of the effort developed throughout the 2020-2021 academic year with the first edition of the same project - Defense and Me - organized, in addition to the Embassy, ​​with the participation of various Spanish public universities. The objective is to know and understand the changing nature of security threats, especially within the framework of the next NATO Summit in Madrid (June 29 and 30, 2022). There, a new Strategic Concept will be debated and approved, which is a magnificent opportunity to promote awareness and knowledge of the Organization, especially among young people.



To participate in the contest, all students - including the participants in the first edition of Defense and Me - must have previously registered for at least two debates, for which they must fill out Google forms that will be sent to them by invitation.

The theme to be developed in the project must be the same as the one of the debate in which the university, to which the student is enrolled, participates as speaker.


The works will be presented individually and the participants are responsible for the comments and opinions that are reflected therein. Therefore, they do not represent the United States Embassy in Madrid or esglobal. Along these same lines, the organizers reserve the right not to admit projects to the contest that, due to their content or quality, do not reflect the essence and purposes of the contest.

Projects may be prepared and presented in Spanish or English and must be completely unpublished works. In this way, those works are excluded:

  • those whose publication rights are or have been committed to any institution or media outlet.
  • those that have been submitted to another competition, pending ruling.
  • those who have won a prize in other national or international competitions.
  • those that have been published in some media.

The delivery format of the work can be written, as well as (audio) visual or illustrative. For each format, the following requirements must be followed:

  • Written work

    • Length: maximum of 800 words.
    • The text can be in English or Spanish.
    • Maximum inclusion of three bricks (to segment the text and facilitate reading).
    • The inclusion of references and mentions to original sources must be through hyperlinks.

  • Video

    • Maximum duration: three minutes.
    • The speech and texts of the video (if any) can be in English or Spanish.
    • The images and music that are included must be free of rights or the author of the video must own the rights to them.

  • Podcast

    • Maximum duration: five minutes
    • The speech can be in English or Spanish.
    • Any audio tracks included must be royalty-free or the author of the podcast ...