What are the benefits of the Green Deal?


Grupo de Trabajo:  Pacto Verde Europeo

Participantes: Diego Hernández y María Cerezuela 

IE University 



Through social media, our campaign will have a focus to promote the benefits of the Green Deal. Moreover, we want different people to be encouraged to look out information regarding the Green Deal. Hence, some of the posters of the campaign will only be used as promotional rather than informative. However many infographis will help to inform the people.

The Social Media we will use are: Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Snapchat mainly. We decided to use this several platforms because we wanted to target the different age groups. Facebook has an older audience, hence in this app we will target older people to get interested in the environment. Via Instagram we will Target young adults, promotion here will help people to be more induced into the green deal, as well as to promote it. Instagram’s users are very active nowadays, if they see a post they like, they tend to share it in their stories; hence the outcome could be massive. In Instagram we also want to incite young adults to share ideas and ways to take care of the environment for themselves. This campaign not only focuses on sharing the Green Deal, but to show how can people be green too.

Furthermore, in the Tiktok app, we want to focus on the younger audience. This app has massive views right now, and we wanted to take that into account. These Tiktok videos will help the growing up children to be interested and exposed to the environmental solutions in the current Europe. Hence, by them knowing benefits, and simply what the Green Deal is or even ways to be green, we expect them to grow with the idea that the environment is very important. The same is with Snapchat. It is important to say that the use of influencers is fundamental in this situation. Nowadays, they form an important part in Social Media, as their name says they influence people, hence by getting influencers joining the cause, the outcome would be massive too.


Instagram Examples

Flyer Green Deal 2

Infographic Green Deal



Tik Tok Examples





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