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Today, I want to recommend you a great resource for climate change and activism. It is a webpage and YouTube channel called: Sustainably vegan by Immy Lukas.

Her platform offers a wide range of videos regarding sustainability, climate justice and low impact living. She explains the importance of change at an individual level, specially as it is related to the demand companies satisfy.

She shares recipes, articles, guides and thoughtful videos on how to adapt this lifestyle to anyone. Sometimes she posts video essays on a particular topic. Her content is tolerant, and inviting to those new to this movement. Additionally, she has a newsletter and other platforms to get to know people in the same journey.

The whole idea made simple in beautiful videos is to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your waste. Underneath that, she forecasts a beautiful critical mindset that cares about our joint future.

I find her content extremely relevant as it is made by someone young living in the UK trying to do her best. As even herself lives off technology, she makes it feasible for young people. She contributes to climate change by explaining the logic behind her movement, showing how you could do it too, and invites people to read more.

Climate change needs behavioural change.


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