Grupo de Trabajo:  Solidaridad 

Participantes:Antonio Martorano, Gema Bernabeu, María Balasch, Carolina Clara, Lucía Nogales, y Timothé Rigaudeau 

IE University 




As shown by the voter turnout at 50,66% in the last 2019 European Elections, which is significantly lower than the one for national elections, the European Union struggles to attract the attention/interest of its citizens. For this reason, a group of international relations students who have lived in Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, France, and Spain, have created RIGHTS: a captivating TV show happening at the heart of European politics. In essence, we realize that a large majority of people consume content from online platforms such as Netflix, which not only impact our beliefs but bind us together while apart.

RIGHTS is the story of Gael, a young man who applies for a job at the European Institute for Solidarity, a new institution that works with the European Commission to create a European identity and increase civic participation at the European solidarity level. Once in Brussels, he realizes that European politics face many tensions and challenges such as Brexit, populism, migration, terrorism, and climate change. Despite these obstacles, Gael will have to find a way to increase social cohesion between Europeans. Among the rest of the characters, we find Rosa, a young, ambitious, and independent politician advocating for a greener, more equal, and united Europe, who will start working closely with Gael turning a friendship into something more. Finally, Gael’s sister Sofia enjoys the opportunities given by the European Union and goes on ERASMUS to Poland, to live a new adventure, discover other parts of Europe and eventually love as well.

Gael comes from the word "ludael", where "lud" means sir, and "hael" means generosity. He embodies the values of the European Union, firmly believes in the power of solidarity, love and equality. We are all Gael. We all wish to promote a European identity to make Europeans feel part of the whole. To effectively convey the idea while reaching a wide audience, we have chosen a format where the conversation is currently taking place. Creating a TV show about life at the institutions, intertwined with that of those involved at a civil level – where all the advantages of the Union are present – will help viewers realize that the EU is positively involved in their everyday lives, and the challenges that affect some, affect us all.


Instagram: @rights.eu


El concurso “Mi Europa 2030” es organizado por el Consejo Europeo de Relaciones Exteriores (ECFR) y esglobal.es con el patrocinio de la Embajada de Alemania en España y en el marco de la Presidencia Alemana en el Consejo de la UE.