Nombre: Pourush Prakash Master: Relaciones Internacionales (IE University School of Global and Public Affairs)
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I have been an ardent follower of the mystic called Sadhguru in India and his views and small revelations about life have helped me through many circumstances. The search for answers for our existence led me to him and ever since I have seen him champion many causes which centre around the environment. He preaches oneness with our environment and how leading a life that is as close to natural food chains and life cycles as possible would lead to a more sustainable way of existence. I used to try and practise sustainability in my daily life as much as I could but the knowledge that Sadhguru offers on things like the importance of afforestation for the health of our rivers and the importance of taking care and rejuvenating our soil has been fascinating. 

India is home to about 16% of the world population with only about 4% of fresh water resources and is grappling with large water scarcity in that almost half its population do not have access to clean piped water and the country is one of the largest extractors of groundwater in the world. 

As a way to rejuvenate freshwater supplies Sadhguru’s movement Rally for Rivers showed how my home country of India would be affected by rapidly depleting river water and underground water supply and encouraged the solution to be planting large number of trees around the areas where rivers flow so that the trees hold the soil in place this leads to better retention of water in the soil, thereby resulting in ...