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Did you know that you eat one credit card worth of microplastic every week? It is quite difficult to comprehend that we consume the equivalent of 52 credit cards every year. For the first time, I truly understood the implications of global warming and pollution on our everyday life. This was also when I decided to take action against climate change.

In April, I joined the One Ocean Expedition, sailing onboard the tall ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl. The One Ocean Expedition is a recognized part of the UN decade of ocean science and sustainable development, focusing on the UN sustainable development goals number 4, 14, and 17. The goal is to create awareness of how global warming affects the oceans and to perform ocean research. Covering 70% of the world’s area, the oceans will without a doubt play an important role in solving global warming.

Between 2021 and 2023, the ship will circumnavigate the globe. I joined the expedition sailing between Ushuaia, Argentina, and Puerto Montt, Chile. This included sailing around Cape Horn and down to Antarctic waters. The focus of this leg was to research and share knowledge on how Antarctica and the Antarctic ecosystems are affected by global warming. Onboard the ship with me, there were scientists from all over the world. We took water samples measuring the water temperature and level of microplastic on different depths. It was truly inspiring and humbling to be surrounded by scientists dedicating their careers to fighting climate change.

I joined the One Ocean Expedition as it allowed me to combine my dedication to sailing with my wish to work against climate change. Statsraad Lehmkuhl is a large sailing ship first launched in 1914. Being more than 100 years old, everything onboard is done through physical labor –the traditional way. Moreover, the ship is highly dependent on the natural conditions to keep moving forward. This allows you to get closer to the forces of nature than ever experienced before, reminding you of the importance of the mission.

The sailing ship is very different from any other modern research vessel. This introduces some opportunities. For instance, the ship operates in the same way as traditional sailing ships have done for the past centuries. This enables the One Ocean Expedition to perform tests in the same way as they did centuries ago, allowing for a more accurate comparison of the data. Moving on, sailing introduces you to a culture of frugalness, where quality and longevity is the focus. With limited resources, everything is made to last.

Pollution and global warming affect everyone. To achieve change, we need awareness. Awareness is the driving force serving as a motivation to make a change. The One Ocean Expedition provides you with an incredible perspective of nature. I strongly urge you to seek interest and join initiatives working against climate change.


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